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#1 2017-08-10 18:48:17

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SCSI hard drive partition recovery in OS 9 or earlier

I've been going through my extensive pile of loose hard drives checking what's on them and archiving files as necessary so I can re-purposing them.  Inevitably I run into one here and there that needs repairs to the file tables.  Primarily I've been using Norton Disk Doctor because it can handle some pretty serious cases where the partitions are so messed up they won't mount.

  One drive I just started on seems really far gone though.  It's an Apple OEM Quantum Fireball 4GB SCSI.  Physically there's nothing wrong with it - it's just the partition table that's messed up.  Norton manually finds a partition named "Macintosh HD", which I'm pretty sure is correct.  The repair attempt doesn't get very far before it fails or locks up loading the disk driver.  A much older version of Norton finds a number of valid file name entries when searching for partitions manually, but it can't actually find a partition table.

  Is there any better way to try repairing this drive partition?  I have Disk Warrior, but it can't work on drives without a fully valid partition table.  If I try to go with OS X-based options then I potentially run into basic issues with SCSI support.  All I care about is determining if there's anything irreplaceable on this drive before I re-format it.


#2 2017-08-12 17:48:05

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Re: SCSI hard drive partition recovery in OS 9 or earlier

You could try TestDisk (see ) to see if it can rescue the partition map, but this is only an OS X option. Ditto for Data Rescue. I don't know of any other classic OS utilities that can do this.

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#3 2017-08-23 18:18:46

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Re: SCSI hard drive partition recovery in OS 9 or earlier

Might have to find an old version of Data Rescue.  I seem to remember that it did exist in the System 7.x era as well.

One thing you might do is try popping the drive into a different Mac.  I once had a 230MB Quantum that twice got borked by an AOL Instant Messenger crash, while installed in my original Centris 650.  First time, I had to restore from a backup I did when I replaced the previous 80MB drive with the 230 in my old IIsi.  Second time it acted up, I popped the drive into the IIci I also had lying around.  Hit the power key, and, *bam*, it booted.  Reinstalled the drive in the 650 and it continued to work.  At that point, I decided to back everything up onto a 250 I had lying around and swap that one in.  Both times it crashed, the result was the usual floppy disk with blinking question mark icon.


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