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#1 2018-07-10 15:49:57

From: Stockholm, Sweden
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Wobbling Macintosh Classic

After I originally got my Classic, I figured things out and moved in enough to get serial working between my modern Mac and this and using minicom and Zterm. I have been setting it up nicely. I also recapped the beast and it was working great and even fix the sound not working at all.

However, I turned it on today [I turn it on most days, as don't just I use it just for playing games and messing around, but also for journaling and creative writing] and the display looked wobbly. And then more wobbly. Then it rebooted itself. Then it went grid, but wobbly. I shut it off. Let it rest. Turned it on and repeated the same cycle within 15 min.

I can reflow and check the soldering on the caps [as it is never super neat when you have to solder through-hole components on SMD pads of slightly different size] and try reseating everything this weekend, but anyone else came across this set of symptoms specifically? Is it the normal "things making a shitty connection" or "caps are not right" thing or is it something more serious on the analog board. After it rebooted a couple times it couldn't find the drive [but no worries, it worked after leaving it off for a while], so could it be consistent with a voltage drop of some sort?

I use it most days as I said and I will make sure to get all my important files off ASAP, but I really love this little guy and hope it isn't something bigger.

Note: it has been hotter this week is Stockholm than it has been. Thinking that may be having an effect.

If it is helpful to take video, I will take some later on this evening.

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#2 2018-07-11 19:11:52

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Re: Wobbling Macintosh Classic

Bad caps in the Analog Board area, at least.

wobbly screen is the first sign, the fact that is rebooting itself is another clue.

voltages will drop and won't be able to drive the Hard drive.

Remove and replace caps on the AB side as soon as possible, not many but probably leaking all other the board (and invisible before removal)


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