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#1 2019-05-13 22:31:50

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Performa 475 advice needed

Hello all. New to this so please bare with me.

Have old performa 475 with monitor, handbook, keyboard, mouse and stylewriter II.... now, the machine appears to be functional, though the hard drive needs replacing and i cant find the os installation discs.

have a few questions

1) how much am i likely to get? And is it worth my time to fix before selling?

2) anyone know of an easy way to get hold of the software on floppy disc in my situation (i.e. no access to any other mac)

Id really appreciate any advice, just trying to figure out the way forward and if im only likely to get £50 anyway there doesnt seem much point in getting her working.


#2 2019-05-19 06:27:37

From: Rainier, Or
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Re: Performa 475 advice needed

The price depends on your area.  do a search on whereever your at and look, maybe check sold items on ebay.  A working unit will always get more than a dead one, but the work involved may be more than you can do.  It likely needs new capacitors on the motherboard, a new scsi hard disk or alternative, software(external cd rom best way as floppies take forever and disks are heavy and take time to write.


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