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Introduction to Member's Machines

Here at ThinkClassic, we've taken a somewhat different approach to letting everyone show off their kit.

We decided early on that we would have a dedicated area for everyone to show off their machines, their software and their peripherals. The question was how? Traditionally, many sites would have dedicated forums for users to post new threads with each of their latest finds. It's a viable solution, after all it allows users to post their latest finds and talk about them. What more could you want?

However, collectors want to share their collections. New members want to share what they already have. If others want to find the collection of specific user, it requires some fiddling around with search settings to display all threads created by that particular user in the forums.

Member's Machines works a little differently.

Instead of creating new threads for each new find, you can create a dedicated thread for your collection. Post as much as you want in there, add photos, format it your own way. Others can comment on your machines in your thread.

Then, whenever you acquire a new machine, piece of software or peripheral, you add it on to the end of your collection thread. The community software brings your thread back to the front and center of the Member's Machines forum for everyone to see.

Not bad, right? Well it has a couple of extra advantages.

If someone wants to find and look over your collection, all they have to do is find your thread. It's all compiled and collected in the one place, so no more searching for individual threads for each individual machine.

Finally, we do allow users to have their threads linked in their signatures. The best way to do this is by using the TOPIC tag. Each thread created on ThinkClassic has a unique identifier. If you take a look in the address bar of your browser, you will see that this thread has an ID of 30. So, if you wanted to link to this thread, this is all you have to do:

[topic=30]My Great Thread[/topic]

And this is how it looks. --> My Great Thread

We think having threads for collections as opposed to individual finds will help members organise information about their collections and latest finds into a central location, and make it easier to find and link to.



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