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Trialling New Requirements for Trading Forum Access (Feb. 10th, 2015)

After a recommendation made in our Website & Community Feedback thread, we will be conducting a trial of some new requirements for access to that forum.

Effective immediately, Guests and new members can read posts made in this forum. In addition, new members can reply in threads made in this forum and express interest in an item, however it remains at the discretion of the seller as to whether they choose to sell to new members or not. Sellers are within their rights to deny the sale of an item to someone based on whether the buyer is a trusted member within the community.

The minimum 30-post requirement remains in place for creating new threads to sell or request items within the Buy, Sell & Trade forum.

To coincide with these changes, the Trading Area has also received a new Business & Services Directory for members to share businesses that sell items or offer services that are considered beneficial to the community. This includes businesses that sell software, hardware, replacement parts, tools or electrical components needed for our older systems, and businesses that offer services applicable to our older machines, such as capacitor replacements or electrical reworking.

This doesn't provide an invitation for members to comment on or rate businesses, and we ask that members share businesses that they have had successful dealings or positive experiences with. Instead of negatively commenting about a businesses, members should instead refrain from posting that business to the directory. Concerns about a business that has been previously listed can be directed to the community administrators via the administrative email address, available on our Contact Information page.

Remember that these changes and additions are currently being trialled. We aren't afraid to make alterations or even revert these changes entirely if deemed necessary. Feedback is welcome from the community to help us improve these changes.


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