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#176 2016-08-17 22:31:01

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Re: Mac OS 9 on Unsupported Hardware

nanopico wrote:

I had this same issue and have now solved it.
It's hanging on the sound device.
It doesn't like it for some reason.
The compatible property on
/pci@F2000000/mac-io/i2s/i2s-a  is set to i2sbus.
OS 9 knows about this, but some properties are missing so it hangins trying to start the sound manager.
If you change that property to some other known sound device it work, but you will have no sound what-so-ever.

Here is what you can do in open firmware to disable that.

dev /pci@F2000000/mac-io/i2s/i2s-a
" screamer" encode-string " compatible" property

If you still have the multiprocessor extensions enabled it will hang up right before it goes to the desktop.
Only this hang up is much worse as it causes a lot of the interrupt controller to be disabled so you can't drop to a debugger. 

There seems to be a lot of extension that really don't play well on this machine.  I'm currently working on figuring that one out.

Also all the ATI drivers out there cause it to hang. 
At this point you need to make sure there is nothing relate to ATI in the extensions folder.
Then in open firmware you can do the graphic-options hack to make the screen use the full resolution

This fix has worked and I am now running OS9 on the 1.42 iBook. Some problems are:
Trackpad problems, refuses to work, external mouse required.
System recognizes machine as PowerBook 6,7. (Not really a problem, just a slight annoyance)
No sound
No brightness control

I am not sure if the ATI driver will load on this machine, it uses an ATI,Snowy adapter. I cannot test this though, because I am unable to transfer files to the machine at the moment.


#177 2016-10-01 12:58:05

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Re: Mac OS 9 on Unsupported Hardware

Can the ROM from OS9General.img control brightness on iBook G4?
iBook G3 Restore CD also has this image.


#178 2016-11-04 22:44:10

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Re: Mac OS 9 on Unsupported Hardware

Hey I'm very new to all this but I just want to get Mac OS 9 running on my eMac 1.25 ghz model. I downloaded the Generic 1021v1 general sit file but where do i start with the installation process?


#179 2016-11-09 21:57:35

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Re: Mac OS 9 on Unsupported Hardware

Thank you so much to everyone who made this possible! after much trial and error I finally got OS 9 running on my eMac! everything seems to be fine except for the fact that there's only one color mode.


#180 2018-02-12 18:01:23

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Re: Mac OS 9 on Unsupported Hardware


I'm trying to see if I can get 'NDRV' support for a PowerBook6,7 with a Radeon 9550 under OS 9.

Do you mind sharing how you extracted the 9200 'NDRV' from the ATIDriver binary?

I noted that the binary is around 3.5MB and your ATI VIA is only about 128k, so you must have trimmed out the other graphics card ndrv's?

I would be thankful for any help you could offer.


I extracted the 9550 'NDRV' from OS X Leopard, and tried to put it in the ATI Rom Extender, but it doesn't load.

I opened it in Hexedit, the Data fork, and replaced the ATY,Bugsy from Joy!peffpwpc..... to the end of the file. Then I edited the Resource fork and replaced ATY,Bugsy with ATY,Snowy.

I'm not sure I should have paste it to the end of the file, I know an 'NDRV' starts with Joy!peffpwpc... but I don't know where it ends.

If I just use an unmodified  ATI Rom Extender, and replace ATY,Bugsy with ATY,Snowy in both the resource and data forks, it loads the Bugsy 'NDRV', but the screen goes black, as it's the wrong 'NDRV'.

Maybe there is a checksum byte?


Got it, first you can't edit with Hexedit, it corrupts the file.

I made a version of  iMac's ATI Via Extension that works for Radeon 9550.

1. Gets rid of the External ghost display.
2. Internal LCD works correctly, all supported display modes, and color or grey scale now work.
3. I don't have the mini vga to test the external display, but I'd bet it works just fine.

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#181 2018-03-09 16:27:07

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Re: Mac OS 9 on Unsupported Hardware

Excellent work, and I'm pleased you worked it out, because honestly I've forgotten how I did it back then. Worked on a lot of different projects since my time screwing around with Mac OS 9.

Thankfully the MacOS9Lives forum members have carried this project a lot further since then.

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#182 2018-09-23 22:39:01

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Re: Mac OS 9 on Unsupported Hardware


I recently got OS 9 running on my PowerBook 5,2 and it works great! The Airport extreme even worked after the initial install but no longer does hmm

My problem at the moment is that I'd like to run some games on this, but 90% of them require a resolution change or colour change to 256 colours. At the moment I'm stuck at 1280x800 (Millions of colours).
Are there any modded ROMS out there, or hacks to enable other resolutions/colour depths on this model?
Under Apple System Profiler it says I'm running Mac OS Rom 10.2.1 (Generic), and my graphics chip is the ATI Jasper_A.

P.S thanks for all the great guides on how to achieve this, I never thought this would have been possible! This machine would be perfect if I can change these settings easily!!



#183 2018-10-12 19:39:52

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Re: Mac OS 9 on Unsupported Hardware

Hello, I'm trying to install Mac OS 9 on the Apple PowerBook G4 1.33 12 "(2004) with broken DVD-ROM . I use this image … pu-5-9-mac ROM-10-2-1-Generic . MacOS9 started from USB fine ( after I changed cpu-version ) , but if I want to restore the disk to install system on the hard disk it prints this error

Restoring the software configuration "MacOS9LivesMR.img" to volume "MacOS9Lives" failed [ Error -36 ]

Thanks for help.

EDIT: I just used different USB drives and now everything works.

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#184 2018-10-12 20:34:58

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Re: Mac OS 9 on Unsupported Hardware

Nice, I have the same 12 incher and a PartsBook for it, so I'll appreciate any updates you do on the OS9 front. Once there's a simple enough install process I'll want to be giving that a try. Do I understand that yours boots up from that image burned and used in a USB optical drive without any resource or open firmware shenanigans?

BTW, the optical appears to be the same or compatible form factor as CD units I got quite a while back on eBay.


#185 2018-11-10 23:22:19

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Re: Mac OS 9 on Unsupported Hardware

I have an eMac that was originally sold to the educational market that was manufactured in April of 2006 that I would like to try your hack on too.  It originally shipped with an ATI Radeon 9600 Mac Edition with 64 MBs of VRAM. The original version of Mac OS X it shipped with is 10.4.4. I'm still quite new to Macs so please explain the process to me step by step.  This Mac shipped with a Pioneer DVR-109 SuperDrive which I converted to RPC1 through the use of DVRFlash.

The only other remaining issue is that the machine's Seagate PATA 100 160 GB hard drive has been experiencing issues related to Bad Sectors developing and I am not exactly a huge fan of the whole idea of using a Desktop PC to update the aforementioned hard drive's firmware too. The machine is currently running 10.5.8 but I need some assistance with trying to create a version of the machine's Video BIOS that's a hybrid because the standard PC Monitor Resolutions occasionally come in handy while running OEM SR 2.1 (Windows 95B) via Project Q.

I also couldn't help but notice that someone else mentioned earlier in the Thread that their Flat Panel iMac G4 shipped with some version of Open-Firmware 4.5.0 and on pretty much all of my New World PowerPC based Macs that are capable of running any version of Mac OS X far more often than not their Open-Firmware versions are some sub-revision of 4.3.2 on average too. Does this by any chance mean that my Macs need a newer build of Open-Firmware and if so how exactly do I go about flashing it too...?

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