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#1 2016-09-04 18:27:40

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Portable Sad Mac

My backlit Portable was having an issue where it wouldn't turn on sometimes and I had to mess with it a bunch in order to convince it to turn on. I took it apart and cleaned the board (some goop) and put it back together and I'm getting this Sad Mac. I was wondering if someone with more knowledge could help me here. It apparently means the ROM check failed. Any ideas?




#2 2016-09-05 04:18:53

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Re: Portable Sad Mac

For Sad Mac Error Codes - see … Codes.html

Scroll down to the Portable Error codes (though I suspect from your post, you might already know it's ROM related?).

Also good (for future reference) is this full list of codes:

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#3 2016-09-10 01:35:06

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Re: Portable Sad Mac

I know these boards inside and out.

You need to fully wash and FULLY recap this board! the more you continue to mess with it, the worse its gonna get and it'll get to a point where it is unfeasible to repair. Trust me on that.

If the board was already recapped and cleaned well, Inspect the right most cap on the left side of the board near the 2 buttons on the side. That cap is quite important and will do very strange things if its trace is broken which it usually is. If it still contains the original cap, well.... Needless to say.

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