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#1 2016-09-30 05:40:43

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Strange Sonnet CPU on eBay

  I've never seen one quite  like this, and apparently neither has the seller.  Looking at the photos in the listing, it appears to have a detachable VRM.  I'm guessing this is an early variant.  Can any of you identify the model?


#2 2016-09-30 16:47:28

From: Electron Alley
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Re: Strange Sonnet CPU on eBay

Doesn't speak much for the seller in that he didn't note where he pulled the CPU from. I've never seen a detachable VRM on one of these either.

It's definitely a G4 from both the code and the connector. I can tell you what it isn't: it's not an Encore Duet/MDX and it's not for the Sawtooth. My guess is for either the QS or the DA, probably the former.

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#3 2016-10-01 02:19:00

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Re: Strange Sonnet CPU on eBay

I have one like this but the VRM is on the same PCB.  Its on my quicksilver and is a 1.2 ghz i think, if I unbury it Ill take a picture.


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