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Connect To AppleScripts for File, Print Sharing. System 7.1x to 10.x

Connect To
AppleScripts for Easy FileSharing and Printing
MacOS System 7.1 and above through El Capitan
(forget Appletalk and AFP)

This is a pack that contains a super easy method to share files and print by using the FTP Protocol with Legacy System 7.1 (with applescript) Macintosh and any MacOS 10.x through El Capitan.
The most important is that it is VERY EASY to use , drag and drop, and very nice graphically.
As you may know apple has disabled a lot of legacy futures like AppleTalk sharing, printing and also FTP access on MacOS 10.8 and above.
With those scripts you can now connect and share files with any MacOS 10.x and also print from any legacy Application like Microsoft Word, Illustrator, Photoshop, Quark, Filemaker to any modern Printer connected to your mac with the highest quality.
There are 3 printing options, manual, automatic and desktop printing.
It is super easy , fast and you will forget you are using a System 7.1 Macintosh.
You will start using you legacy Macintosh for any tasks every day.
There are no third party extensions or applications installed in the MacOS 10.x system.
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