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#1 2016-11-10 20:16:53

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Powerboat 160 boot display

First up, let me point out that I know nothing about Apple products whatsoever so apologies if this is a daft question.

Recently I was given a Powerbook 160. When I went to test it, it powered up perfectly. However, as far as I can gather on booting it should go straight to the OS if installed, if one isn't installed there should be a floppy disk icon with a question mark displayed. However, I get neither of these. I get a black screen with thin borders on all sides. On three of the borders (top, bottom and right hand side) there are small triangles pointing toward the middle of the screen with three little dots in each triangle and nothing else. If I insert a disk it sounds as though it's trying to read it but nothing else happens.
Unfortunately it came with system disks for a Powerbook Duo but nothing for the 160.
Is this something I could sort out relatively easily or is it just not worth the bother?


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