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#1 2016-11-22 04:56:04

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Original iBook ROM 2.3.1

Hi folks, looking for Mac OS ROM version 2.3.1 that shipped on the install/restore CDs of the original Tangerine and Blueberry iBooks. I've got a clamshell iBook here that I'm looking to restore to its factory state with OS 8.6, mainly so that I can run ShadowWraith and Souls in the System, which have issues with music playback in OS 9. Installing 8.6 using a ROM later than 2.3.1 causes a bomb on startup, so I'm pretty sure I need this particular version of the Mac OS ROM file. I've looked all over the 'net and it seems 2.3.1 is missing from every collection I've come across, both from Apple and otherwise. Any ideas where a (legal) copy of this ROM file could live, or where I could find the original install/restore discs for the original iBook?

Thanks a ton!


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