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#1 2016-12-20 00:18:20

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Founder of Videx Died

Paul Davis, Founder of early Apple II card manufacturer Videx passed away.

Paul was a pretty nice guy. His daughter was in my high school class. I remember hanging around the municipal airport with my friend waiting for our third friend to be done with work when Paul showed up. He told us he was taking his helicopter out, said we looked bored and asked if we wanted to go with him. He took us up for a fun 45 minute ride around the Valley including an "on the deck" run down the Willamette river. Good luck, Paul.

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#2 2016-12-20 03:22:29

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Re: Founder of Videx Died

Bon voyage!


#3 2016-12-20 23:14:55

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Re: Founder of Videx Died

I should get off my butt and see if I can get the Videx card that came along with my mutant II-clone to work in tribute. (I vaguely recall you saying that the system might have belonged to a Videx engineer at some point?)

Sounds like he was a pretty decent person and you were lucky to get to meet him. It's a shame it sounds like he had a rough last few years.

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