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#1 2016-12-29 21:58:20

From: The not-so-great plains
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Platinum Plus - in box!

Wandered in to a surplus joint I don't visit as frequently as I used to.  They had something for just about every adult hobby I've ever had this time.  A nice little powered mixer to go with my guitars and microphones.  Two stand up arcade machines that were way too big and expensive right now in my life, but sooo cool! 

Over in the corner where he keeps the occasional Core2duo Mac minis, 21" iMacs and plastic 13" MacBooks was a Platinum Plus! And under the table was its box! And in the box was all the styrofoam! It has clearly has been in that styrofoam since the 90s because it has as close to 0 sunburn as I have seen.  It literally looks brand new, except the mouse and KB have clearly been used (needs a clorox wipe is all). There was a guy in front of it telling the lady he was with how cool the Mac Plus was.  I walked over, put all the constituent parts in their styrofoam, packed it in the box and took it up to the counter.  I guess he figured I was supposed to do that, as he just watched.

The only thing missing was the coily keyboard cord.  This could be an issue, of course.  Somebody could've tried to use a handset cord and blown it up, but I'll check it out as soon as I get it to my lab at school where my pile o' pre-ADB keyboards is.

I'll take some pics and post them sooner or later smile

Kinda jazzed to get it plugged in and running!

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#2 2016-12-30 16:27:40

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Re: Platinum Plus - in box!

That's awesome! I'm a sucker for original boxes.

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#3 2016-12-31 05:20:31

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Re: Platinum Plus - in box!

cool Can't wait to see the pics!


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