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#1 2017-02-06 05:09:27

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Needed: Seagate Barracuda ST32550N or W controller board

I was doing some testing and archiving today.  One of the external SCSI drive cases I was using flaked out and partially fried the controller board on one of my Seagate Barracuda ST32550N drives.  (No 'magic smoke', but plenty of electrical burning smell.)  I nearly lost a very important key disk authorization from that drive, but thankfully I was able to swap controller boards from another identical drive in order to read from it and recover the authorization.

  Knowing that a board swap worked fine on this physical drive model, I'd like to find a replacement board for it.  This may be a rather old model, but I've used a number of them for many years without problems and they make great boot drives for older SCSI-based systems.  I know I can trust them.  Someone out there must have one of these drives, even if it had a head crash or excessive bad sectors, just to salvage the controller board from.  I believe the narrow, wide and SCA controllers were interchangeable on these chassis, so any version should do.  Preference would be in that relative order starting from the narrow version.

  There are lots of these drives out there on eBay but they are far too expensive to justify for any use, especially considering they are only 2GB capacity.  Shipping cost is a huge part of the problem - it would be cheaper to ship just a controller card anyway.  If someone can help out, please PM me.


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