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#1 2017-02-12 23:48:18

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Engine "upgrade" to Hot Rod the TAM???

Silly notion came to me when we were discussing USB/FW Cards/Chipsets and their compatibility problems with the TAM.

We all know the TAM's Gazelle Architecture has a 25% clock bump on the older Alchemy boards, but is mere chip of the System clock really enough to come out the winner?

I've long been the champion of pushing these cute little beasties to the MAX in just about anything BUT a Mac case. To that end I've collected a few SONNET CRESCENDO L2s somewhere along the line after having bought my refurb 6360 for the express purpose of installing an L2/400/1M CRESCENDO bought brand new. This was my main production machine for way too long, right up until the gorgeous Graphite DA came into my life. Since then, the 6360 has been my plotter server, VHS/DVD server and most recently the BenchMac seen as the backdrop of most of my hack pics right up until I decided to transform it into a BenchMacLisa2  .  .  .  now neither sees any use  .  .  .  roll

Be that as it may, the venerable 6360 Alchemiste is supported by my precious SONNET TEMPOtrio which offers it a FAT pipe of ATA133 I/O across its 80 line UltraATA cables. I questioned whether it was even possible to snake one of these cables to the 2.5" HDD Bay of the TAM. Somebody linked to a take apart by some guy named Dylan with a picture that shows it's not only possible, it would be very easy to do!

Twentieth Anniversary Mac Teardown

I think I've seen that backdrop and lighting technique somewhere. wink

So, mcd, what rev of the TANGO card do you think was in this TAM and how well did it work for the owner?

The TAM is afflicted with the same borken partial implementation of ATA-2 that lamed my Quadra 630. If an SSD and adapter combo capable of saturating the trio's DMA ATA133 interface were to be located in the HDD bay of a TAM, could the 6400 board compatible with running the trio the SSD is cabled to be swapped in there to kick a Stock TAM's @SS all the way back to the infinite loopiness?

Silly minds want to know.

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