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#1 2017-03-28 23:07:27

Toasty Costanza
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Imac G3 Problems, Please help!

I have a Imac g3 blueberry 350mhz (no firewire 400) And when I got it there was a system recover disk inside and going through open software I was able to eject it but then I realized there was no OS on the HDD. I sicked a disc inside and now it wont come out no matter what I do. I tried typing eject cd and all i get is "Cant open eject device". How do I tell if the HDD is dead and how do I get the disk out? I tried booting a os via USB but It reads the USB says theres a disk on it and then says "cant open device".

Someone please help this is driving me crazy all I wanted to do was play 3rd floor!

And does anyone know how to fully disassemble the puck mouse? theres soda spilt inside because the previous owner was very idiotic and I cant find any screws.


#2 2017-03-29 05:42:07

From: Corvallis, OR
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Re: Imac G3 Problems, Please help!

Unfortunately, chances are your slot-load optical drive has bad rubber eject rollers and can no longer eject the disc. Your options are going to be along the lines of disassembling the computer to disassemble the drive or you may try gently grabbing the disc as the motor tries to eject. With a bit of work, you may be able to slip a piece of packing tape onto the cd inside and try pulling gently while it tries to eject.

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