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parrotgeek1's stuff (and previous possessions)

Here are the Macs and parts I've ever owned, most recent first. My first computer ever was the 7100. (I was 5 and REALLY wanted a computer so I got an 8-year-old one)
@ = have
% = given away
$ = sold
! = broken (and recycled or sold)

@ PowerBook 5300cs (bought in order to copy data onto 800k floppies after G3 broke)
@ MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014)
@ Mac Mini (mid 2012, is now mom's)
% Dell Inspiron E1505 with 10.6.8 (used from 2010-2012)
@ Digital Audio G4 (I have no memory of how I got this)
! MacBook2,1 (not mine, shared with mom 2007-2010) - hard drive stopped working
% Yikes G4 (I have no memory of who I gave this to)
! PowerBook G3 Lombard - was dropped down a flight of stairs :-(
% Beige G3 (given away before other one stopped working unfortunately)
! Another Beige G3 (damaged in move; now randomly freezes even after replacing ram, HD, cards, so I had it recycled)
% G4 Cube (Given to family friend - WHY DID I NOT SELL THIS? *facepalm*)
! iBook (original) (Randomly stopped turning on or charging) Forgot to pull HD before recycling. RIP all of my files from 2006-2008.
% Blue & White G3 (my first OS X computer; given to friend who recycled it) - hard drive is in the G4 now
! PowerBook 165c (backlight stopped working, so I copied everything off of it and gave it away)
! Performa 460 (I plugged in a SCSI scanner while it was on. RIP.)
! PowerBook 520c (randomly stopped working, no sign of life whatsoever)
% PowerMac 8600/300 (was replaced by B&W G3 as birthday present)
@ Mac SE (non FDHD) - bottom floppy drive broken. I have ALL of the original disks, box, manuals, etc.
% PowerMac 7100/80AV (was replaced by 8600 that a family friend gave us, because it was too slow for some game IIRC)

I also have a VERY vague memory of my dad owning a IIci, but I think we got rid of it when I was little.
We also restored several Fruit iMacs and gave them to friends, but I never actually owned one.
My parents also owned a PowerMac 6100, and then 7200, which they got rid of after getting the Beige G3
I owned a PowerMac 4400 for about 2 weeks and then realized it was impossible to find RAM for it so I gave it away


@ A bunch of PCI graphics, USB, FireWire cards
@ USB Zip Drive
@ USB Floppy drive (the one that matched iMac case)
% 1 Jaz disk & SCSI drive
@ about 10 Zip disks
% A lot of SCSI external hard drives
@ A lot of USB external hard drives
% QuickTake 200
! AppleDesign Powered Speakers (destroyed in move)
% Connectix QuickCam for Macintosh
@ ~120 floppy disks, of which ~30 are 800k and ~5 are 400k
% Some kind of LaserWriter

And here are the iThings:

@ iPod touch 6 - bought to develop apps
$ iPad mini 1 - got too slow, sold, replaced with 2013 Nexus 7
$ iPhone 3GS
$ iPod touch 4G - got too slow, sold
% iPod touch 2G - given to mom when I got 4G
@ iPod nano 4G
LOST - iPod nano 3G

EDIT: I'll add photos after I come home from college for Christmas

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Re: parrotgeek1's stuff (and previous possessions)

Sounds like a fun collection!
Looking forward to the pics.

Machine room (updated for 2019!):


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Re: parrotgeek1's stuff (and previous possessions)

ClassicHasClass wrote:

Sounds like a fun collection!
Looking forward to the pics.


I'm so annoyed about the Cube. I was 9 when we got rid of it and we didn't know how valuable they were. It even had the speakers.


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