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#1 2017-12-05 19:13:50

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Security mounts for iPhones and Android smartphones

I've been mulling over some crazy idea for the future.  It would involve using older iPhone and/or Android devices in an interactive display where members of the public would use them as touch controllers.  The primary problem is the need to secure the devices against theft.

  It has become commonplace to see tablets of all sorts in point-of-service applications, but the mounts for these would be far too large for a phone, particularly older ones.  I've seen an 'acrylic-sheet-sandwich' style mounts for iPhone 7/8, but lacking access to a milling machine I'd have a tough time making customized versions of such a thing neatly.

  Have any of you seen security stands that would suffice for the task?  For sense of sizing, here is a list of candidate devices I might use if suitable mounts could be sourced:

- iPhone 3GS
- iPhone 4
- iPhone 4s
- iPhone 5c
- LG P930 (Nitro HD)
- Google Galaxy Nexus

  I felt this was a somewhat relevant topic for this forum because part of my motivation in the project is showing that old smartphones can still have good uses in a second life.  So many of these devices are getting e-wasted for nothing.  It is partly the idea of being responsible to the environment, preserving what will become 'vintage' or 'collectable' hardware, and also creating grand things on a small budget.


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