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#1 2017-12-12 15:44:14

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Original Mac/Mac Plus mouse ball

Hey! First post!
I'm restoring a pair of classic Macs I've had for years - a Plus and an SE FDHD. I'm planning to give the Plus to my brother for Christmas and have it almost ready to go. Case is retrobrited, logic board cleaned up and a few dry joints repaired, one cracked cap on the power supply board replaced. Aside from a slightly wobbly CRT signal it seems to be ready to run Alice in Wonderland into the wee hours.

Except the mouse. It's missing its ball and retainer ring. Does anyone know of a source for these parts? I've seen them on eBay but the prices seem sort of nuts. Are parts interchangeable with the later ADB mouse, or even other brands or models? I really want to stick with the original pack of cards-style mouse so the system is complete, as it came from the store.



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Re: Original Mac/Mac Plus mouse ball

Mouse ball - any will do so long as its the same physical size and weight as the original, its a standard size mouse ball. Stay away from the black ones that came in early 90's Apple mice that don't have any weight in them.

Retainer ring - This part is unique to the M0100 mouse, you'll probably have an easier time finding a replacement mouse I'm afraid.


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