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SSD in Performa 6300?

Good evening,

So this is my first topic here, and probably more will come...!

In first and second grade back in the 90’s my class had a Performa 6300 in the classroom. I later got the chance to aquire this computer, and it has been resting in my possesion ever since. I would like to replace the HDD in it, since the original one is getting old and while it works fine now, it might not do that for long...

So I was thinking about a IDE2SD adapter, is this even possible? Or will I run into problems? I guess that it is not really a plug-and-play-situation but I have seen people make it work with SCSI adapters in LC machines so I hope there might be a chanse... I am not too educated on this subject so that’s why I’m asking you guys!

If an adapter is out of the question, is there something to keep in mind if I decide to go with an ordinary IDE HDD? Or will that too cause problems?

Any help and advice is aprecciated!

P.s. I’m from Sweden and English is far from my best subject, so please excuse my language mistakes!


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Re: SSD in Performa 6300?

Welcome, don't worry, your language skills seem more than sufficient. English is my only language and I can't get my notions across. hmm

We just did a thread on SD adaptation for the 6500 over at 68KMLA. I found an article and Gorgonops explained it as best he could. (over there he's Gorgonops, he's Edimorphodon over here and on applefritter)

SSD in a 6500


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