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#76 2015-06-28 12:18:39

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Re: Colour Classic Analog Board Repair

the logic power supply and analog power supplies are separate, with separate transformers that I see....

Need to track the B+ feeding the horizontal output transistor.

Also, a transistor going bad in the CRT neck board would not cause the pincushion to jump out like that. Horiz B+ voltages, will....

In bbrauns case, its possible.

Also, these use a jungle/MCU IC that runs the entire scan circuitry, brightness, etc.. and if its going bad, well....

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#77 2015-10-14 22:29:18

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Re: Colour Classic Analog Board Repair

I'm in the process of purchasing the caps for the A/B, but can only seem to find 'snap-in' versions of the 330uf 400v cap. Is this meant to be a snap-in or radial? If the latter, might there be a way to rig a snap-in as a radial? Cheers!


#78 2016-11-15 05:03:59

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Re: Colour Classic Analog Board Repair

Earspray wrote:

Hi everyone,

there are 2 diodes, DL21 & DL22, located just behind the 3300 uF 16V 85C. Does anyone know what kind/type of diodes it is ?
Because mines seem to have burned, & they probably have to be replaced.

Thank you in advance

Hi, new to the forum. I know it is an old thread, but did anyone find the schematics for the CC analog board? or does anyone figure out the size of the zener diodes?

Best regards Poul


#79 2019-01-02 02:48:40

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Re: Colour Classic Analog Board Repair

I went ahead and fixed a number of image links in this thread, just in case anyone was looking for this information.

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