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#1 2019-01-25 08:51:01

Scott Baret
Registered: 2014-05-21
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WTB: Macintosh 12" RGB, Model M1296

Looking for a spare of one of these. Specifically, one from 1990-1991 in good working condition (healthy flyback, free of the issue where the focus drifts after being on for an hour). Why the earlier model? I prefer the older 500W tubes.

Cosmetic condition isn't a big deal here. I'd be willing to trade a working Plus or SE for this, cash is OK too.


#2 2019-03-10 16:47:10

Registered: 2019-03-10
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Re: WTB: Macintosh 12" RGB, Model M1296


I got this kind of monitor. PM me your best offer.

Thank you.


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