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#1 2019-01-28 22:15:26

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unable to read flash 8 document from windows on flash 5 macintosh

i'm trying to make a skit using animation on my imac g3, but i need to open the flash file on it for it to actually work.
when i try to open the .FLA with the creator/type changed to `MFL2`, `SPA ` so it'll open in flash, it will always say

Unexpected file format.

or just flat out crash with error 2 when trying to hex edit the header to keep that error from popping up.
google isn't helping me much with this. all the information i've been able to gather is that possibly flash 5 can read the newer flash MX format which flash 8 can write to.
i assume i might get more or better help in a flash-focused forum if i wasn't using 20 year old software and hardware.
specifically the hex editing i did to the header to try to get it to open was:

1. copy the first 7F bytes from a blank document saved on the imac to a copy of the fla i made on this pc.
(unexpected file format error. pictured: first 7f bytes of blank document)

2. decrement the "version"(?) byte by 2 to "trick" it into believing the version was flash 5 instead of 6, MX or 8
(unexpected file format error. decrementing further causes error 2 crash, pictured: first 7f bytes with version decremented, "version" byte circled)
i assume that this is a version byte because when i saved it as MX, it was the only byte different, and decremented by 1 from the one saved in flash 8 format.


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