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Read Me First: Trading Forum Rules

Trading Forum Rules

ThinkClassic provides a Trading Forum as a service to its members so they may buy, sell and swap their unwanted or unneeded gear with each other, just as you might do so between friends. Members are also welcome to request specific items on the board in order to find out whether another member may have the item they’re looking for.

While we’re proud of the ability to offer this to our members, the Trading Forum is somewhere near the bottom of the long list of priorities in running this community. If it gets too out of hand, we may be forced to close or restrict it. The Buy, Sell & Trade forum is "as is". It is a privilege - an added bonus - to the current forums, so respect the guidelines made readily available here and available on entry to the Trading Forum area.

ThinkClassic is not responsible for any deals that occur on the trading forum. All interaction in the Trading Forum is between you and the seller or buyer. ThinkClassic has no personal information of those who sign up and there is very little we can do in the event of a dispute. Should an issue arise, please sort it out between the involved parties yourselves. Whenever necessary, such as when law enforcement is involved, we can and will provide whatever little information we do have to authorities to aid the course of justice.

We take the Trading Forum rules extremely seriously as we want it to stay friendly and safe. If we believe a member has deliberately violated the rules of the Trading Forum, they will have their access removed and may even be banned altogether depending on severity.

Selling is only permitted to established members of the community.
This requires that you have already made 30 posts to the forums. People who sign up just to sell something can go elsewhere, including members who post exclusively or have a majority of their posts in the Trading Forum.

Spam-post to get access and your Trading Forum access will be removed.
Users that post excessively solely for the purpose of gaining access to the Trading Forum faster will have their Trading Forum access revoked.

The Trading Forum is not a commercial market place.
The Trading Forum is intended for personal use only, it is not intended as a place to promote your business or any merchandise or services it wishes to sell. It is specifically intended for members to sell their second-hand goods or unwanted gifts, prizes or unopened purchases.

The item must be yours and in your possession - no selling for friends/customers etc.
This is to prevent people being messed around if the friend/customer/whoever sells it elsewhere.

Items must be legally sellable.
Installed commercial software without the original disks and any serial numbers (e.g. Mac OS, Microsoft Office, etc) has no value and is not legal. Sales of items like guns, other weapons, drugs, stolen items and the like are not permitted in the Trading Forum. If you have any doubts, contact a moderator first.

Your post must have a photo of the item.
Generic or stock images do not count. Sales threads require an actual photo of the item you are selling. This allows prospective buyers to see exactly what they will be paying for. Make sure they're a reasonable size, or at least thumbnail them.

Digital Items cannot be sold on ThinkClassic.
Sales on ThinkClassic must be of physical items. Things such as digital licenses of software, game characters or currency, e-tickets for sports events or concerts cannot be sold here. Due to the grey area surrounding transfers of licenses, and some event companies not allowing tickets to be transferred we would rather not run the risk.

Include your asking/ballpark price.
Don't say "make an offer”. Provide a price you would like to sell the item for so people don't insult you with offers you will not sell at. If you’re not sure what the item is worth or are uncertain what you would like to get for the item, feel free to post an Expression of Interest (EOI) thread.

Include if you will allow pick up of the item.
If do you allow pickup, please provide at least a vague area of where you live, consisting ideally of suburb, city and state. We need to be aware that members aren’t always going to be local and the location of an item can play a significant role in determining whether a prospective buyer will be able to complete the sale or not.

Include detailed information about the condition of the item.
State if there are any major scratches, damage or failing components, whether you have the original box, manuals and accessories and their condition too.

Excessive thread bumping is not permitted.
Making a post "bumps" the thread to the top of the Trading Forum. If the last post in the thread currently is one you've made, you are not permitted to make another post to "bump" the thread until the next day.  Examples of bump posts are things such as "Bump", "Bid noted", "PM sent", "Price lowered" or replies to buyers.

Comments in For Sale threads from anyone other than interested buyers are strictly forbidden.
The Trading Forum is not a discussion forum, and comments in For Sale threads should be kept strictly to matters involving the sale or purchase of the item. If you have a comment for the seller (and you're not buying) please send them a private message or email, especially regarding their asking price. We do occasionally allow helpful comments regarding matters such as compatibility and suitability if requested and permitted by the seller in their thread.

Get the details of who you are dealing with before handing over money!
If you can get the phone number, name and address of who you are dealing with, particularly with large sums of money, you can contact them if something goes wrong. We don’t like it when our members encounter issues. Most of the time the seller is busy, lazy or has forgotten and just needs a reminder, and phone calls work well. Especially when the deal involves expensive or valuable items or large amounts of money, picking it up in person where possible is recommended to avoid misunderstandings. You can also use escrow services for added security. Asking for things like receipts and serial numbers helps too.

If something is too good to be true, it is!
Please be careful on the Trading Forum. Even though it is rare and we like to think ThinkClassic forum members are generally an honest bunch, there's always the chance of one bad one slipping through the net. We hate seeing our members being ripped off, but unfortunately, we’re extremely limited in what we are able to do and there is very little we can actually do when issues arise.

If the Moderation Team finds anything even that can be considered suspicious about your thread, we will take whatever action we deem necessary to verify its authenticity, including additional photos or further information about the item. We also reserve the right to delete the thread entirely.

If you have any questions about the Trading Forum, please contact a member of the Administrative or Moderation Teams and we will be happy to assist you further.

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