Contact Information

Any enquiries related to the website and community, including registration and account enquiries, can be directed to the community administrative team via email at We check this inbox regularly, however please be aware that it may not always be possible to respond to each message immediately.

In instances where a large number of emails refer to similar subject material, it may not be possible for us to respond to each message individually. In circumstances where further information or a follow up is required, we will aim to create a thread addressing the common issue or query.

In some circumstances, users may wish to address queries to a specific member of staff. Administrators and Moderators can be contacted via the email links in their respective forum profile pages. Emails addressed to the above email account may also request a specific staff member in the subject line.

Suggestions & Feedback

We maintain a number of threads in the Community News & Discussion forum for users to provide feedback and suggestions to the staff. We will also post threads for community events or matters requiring community discussion that members are encouraged to participate in.

Registration Issues

The forum software performs a number of verification steps during registration, including email verification and address verification against spam databases. While every effort is made to ensure that legitimate users are not affected by these systems, it is possible that occasionally the system may return a false positive, be unable to deliver an email or fail to process a registration correctly.

If any issues are encountered during registration, contact an administrator at the email address above and we'll work to resolve it for you.

Report A Post / Thread

If moderator attention is required for a particular post or thread, users can file a report from within the community software. Simply click the Report link below the affected post and provide a brief reason for the report. You may do this for multiple posts in a thread when necessary. Site Administrators and Moderators are notified of new reports on a regular basis.

When reporting an entire thread, only report the first post to prevent duplicate reports being filed. You may wish to provide further information stating that an entire thread needs attention when prompted.

Report A Bug

Any errors encountered with the site, such as error messages or issues with the appearance or layout, should first and foremost be reported to the appropriate Reporting Site Issues thread, located in the Community News & Discussion forum.

Board outages and issues that prevent access to these threads can instead be directed to the Administrative Team email address provided above.

Severe issues that require immediate attention, such as a widespread board outage or security issue should be reported directly to the Administrative Team via the email address provided above.


Contact made via the discussion forums, like all forum posts, are considered visible to the public. Messages sent to the staff or to individual members of staff are only made available to the administrative and moderation teams for the purpose of acting on requests or addressing information contained in these messages.

For more information regarding privacy, refer to the community Privacy Policy.