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#1 2017-11-28 07:35:56

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WTB: Indigo Parts iBook with Good Logic Board

Haven't posted here in ages!!

Anyway, I have an Indigo iBook in pieces because the display backlight inverter header on the logic board fell off, and there is no place to reattach it. That being said, I'm looking to get a parts donor with a good logic board so I can reassemble my spare parts into something usable.

Since it's to be a parts donor, cosmetic condition is irrelevant. I just want it to be relatively intact with a good logic board (speed doesn't matter too much; either 366 or 466 is fine). Screen can be broken (or even missing altogether!), but it would be nice if it's not smile

I'd also consider the logic board by itself, if that would be easier.

So, let me know what y'all have!


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