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#1 2016-10-25 16:39:18

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Sonnet vs. Powerlogix G3 INIT's with Crescendo-upgraded Powermacs.

So, just thought I would throw the question out there as to what people recommend regarding the use of the Sonnet CPU upgrade extentsion vs the more comprehensive Powerlogix G3/G4 Cache Profiler panel and INIT.

I know in the time there were different slightly different ethos that existed between the two companies, with Sonnet opting for the simple "plug it in and forget about it" approach whilst Powerlogix were quite happy to allow you the freedom to play around, and this is reflected in the software provided with the two. Sonnet simply gave you an enabler and a system extension that you drop into the folder and forget about it, whereas Powerlogix also gave you a nifty little control panel that allowed you to toy with cache speed, enable and disable the cache and play with certain other parameters.

Now ,much and all as I like having a Sonnet splash screen, the Powerlogix software does appeal to me due to its ability to mess with things, and as far as Im aware it will allow you to do such things with a Sonnet board as it will with a Powerlogix one. Aside from that though, I'd swear my 9600 seems to run a whole lot slower using the Sonnet extension than it does using the Powerlogix cache init... Is this normal or not, and is there any reason I shouldnt just continue using the Powerlogix software? I know of plenty of people that us the Powerlogix stuff on their Sonnet powered machines but Im not really familiar with the ramifications of this.

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#2 2016-10-26 14:19:36

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Re: Sonnet vs. Powerlogix G3 INIT's with Crescendo-upgraded Powermacs.

Benchmark it and see. If there's a meaningful difference it should be visible and reproducible.

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