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#1 2018-11-17 10:45:30

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Rare Roland music app - will it run?

I'm hoping some genius type here might be able to help....
This is supposedly the only known copy left of Roland's RSS 3D audio app from the 90s. … 1OblE/view

I've downloaded it and with a combination of Macdrive and Ciderpress transferred it via floppies onto my Powerbook 1400 running OS8.
I used to use this in the 90s and I distinctly remember the app files' icons - there are 2 different variants included in the pack - appeared on the desktop with the RSS 3D audio logo on them but now they just show up as blank looking doc files and try to use Clarisworks to run them.

I'm thinking or hoping I've not converted the dsk file right and I've simply lost some metadata or something.

Can someone who knows their stuff just see if it shows up on their desktop as a file with a Roland b/w RSS logo? And if so, what have I done wrong, here?



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