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#1 2015-04-11 23:15:39

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Running Mac OS X Snow Leopard With Newer Mach_kernel

I posted this to, but I will repost both here and at the 68kMLA to increase exposure and maybe get some input.


I'm trying to figure out of this is possible or not. It seems that in theory it should be, but when I try, I just get a hard freeze when it tries loading kexts.

Perhaps replacing all the Snow Leopard kexts with Lion or Mountain Lion equivalents? Trouble is, when I do that with an SL kernel, I get other bad things happening.



p.s. I'm doing this basically to see if it's possible. Other than potentially running SL on newer hardware, I don't know if there'd be any benefit.

UPDATE: I had a hunch that maybe boot.efi had something to do with the kernel-freezing-when-loading-the-kext-cache problem, so I copied it from a Mavericks install (along with a Mavericks mach_kernel), and it works now, except I had to replace all the kexts as well because the old SL ones no longer worked (endless dependency errors and load failures). However, I have a new problem: it would seem that launchd is now broken. I get the following error, repeated endlessly: "Data/Stack execution not permitted: launchd[pid 1] at virtual address 0x0, protections were read-only". I copied the launchd binary from the Mavericks install to no avail. I suspect maybe a configuration problem of some kind. Thoughts?

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